IFFC Disciplinary Committee (DISCOM)

IFFC Discom Members

General Secretary: Jason Dorey (FCFC/Summer Palace)
Category A members: Jason Dorey (FCFC/Summer Palace), Gary Sanders (Sexy FC/Vintage), Iain Shawn (Beijing Celtics), Vladimir Tsaganov(Russia Utd.)
Category B members: To be confirmed

The Function of the IFFC Discom

  1. The A Category members include, the General Secretary and the other two members
  2. Upon called by the ExCo, SuperCom or IFFC team, the DisCom General Secretary arranges the DisCom meeting according of urgency and the time of each A members
  3. Only in case one A member cannot make it or own team involvement, the DisCom General Secretary randomly ask all the Category B members to step in. The B members shall produce then one of themselves to take part in the meeting.
  4. With 2 A members missing, the same procedure follows and 2 B members will take part in the meeting
  5. In case the General Secretary is unavailable himself (or own team involvement), he shall appoint an A member to be the temporary General Secretary
  6. The DisCom General Secretary has following duties:

    - He is the main person of correspondence: He is in charge of any requests, decisions or communication outside the DisCom and must ensures the deadlines according to IFFC rules are kept.
    - He is in charge of calling the meeting and inviting DisCom members, the ExCo, IFFC Official and the referees (or their reports)
    - In the meeting he must decide the flow and order of the discussion. He is in charge to formulate the decision and explanation of the DisCom and sends it to the involved teams, ExCo and SuperCom.
    - DisCom Decisions: Always 3 DisCom members (one member the General Secretary), and the ExCo Chairman or ExCo member, however if at the end only 2 DisCom members are available (A & B) then the two members make the decision.
    - All 3 DisCom members on the meeting (A or B member, General Secretary or not) have each one vote of the same value.

The IFFC Discom’s main Task: Disciplinary Matters

The DisCom has actually one main task: making all decisions according to IFFC rules and IFFC values. For the whole season, the DisCom is the only authority deciding about any of the IFFC League’s disciplinary matters. The DisCom must investigate decide and confirm any kind of match results which resolved in abandoning matches, no show or after disciplinary issues during a match. Any kind of penalties, bans or further team/player restrictions can only be issued from the DisCom.