Season 2018-2019

On February 10 2019 IFFC Exco wrote:

The schedule for the second half of the season 2018/2019 is about to be published here. Here is our plan:

 - February 24, 2019 @ 4 pm in Lidu - last game of the round 2 of the Thomas Marechal Cup between F.C KOZO JAPAN INTERNATIONAL and ORIGIN FC
 - March 1, 2019 - 1/4 Finals Cup Draw + Team Leaders meeting + IFFC Social (venue & schedule will be informed to the team leaders by wechat)
 - March 2/3, 2019 - Premier League and First Division games resume
 - April 13/14, 2019 - 1/4 Finals of the Thomas Marechal Cup
 - May 11/12, 2019 - 1/2 Finals of the Thomas Marechal Cup
 - June 1, 2019 - Robert Gonnella 7 aside Tournament + Thomas Marechal Cup Final + Awards Ceremony (in Lidu)


On August 25 2018 at 3.20 pm IFFC Exco wrote:


Recently, we have had some issues related to the bookings of the pitches of Lidu and Dulwich. We are still working on it. In the meantime, we have found new pitches and we are negotiating the best price with the owners now. So far, we have secured some pitches for the games scheduled here, but the pitch has not been decided yet. This is why it is written "TBC" for some games. As soon as we have decided about the pitch, we will inform your team leader(s) by wechat right after the website has been updated.

The name and address of the pitches will be available on IFFC website soon.


For the players who registered before, it is not necessary to register again. If you play for the same team this year, you should see your name in your team's IFFC webpage. If you change team, please contact your new team leader who will confirm with IFFC Exco that you should be registered with his team.

If you cannot see your name on the IFFC website, it means that your registration is not completed.

At the moment, it is not possible to register. As soon as IFFC members can register with their team, we will inform the team leaders by wechat and you will see the link on IFFC website. We remind you that you can choose up to 3 teams you wish to play for:

  1. Premier League
  2. First Division
  3. Thomas Marechal Cup

Before you register on IFFC website, please confirm with your team leader(s) which team(s) you should register with in order to have your name listed on the match report before each game. Please do not forget to select your team in the Thomas Marechal Cup.

When registering on IFFC website you need to have a copy of your ID and a picture of yourself (JPEG format).

After you have completed your registration, IFFC Exco will check if your name matches the ID and photo. In case everything is correct, an email will be sent to each team leader of the team you have registered with. After the team leader has confirmed your registration with his team, your name - and photo later - will appear on your team's IFFC webpage.


IFFC Exco and all team leaders will meet on Friday 31st August from 7 to 9 pm at Joe's Bar. Only team leaders are allowed to join from 7 to 9 pm. From 9 pm, all IFFC members are welcome to join the draw of the round 2 of the Thomas Marechal Cup and have a few drinks. Getting to know each other outside of the pitch always help to release some frustration during the games. Let's show some commitment to make our league better. First drink is on IFFC Exco for all IFFC members. See you soon!

IFFC Exco.