IFFC Statutes


STATUS: The IFFC is non political & non religious. The IFFC is a fully recognized member of the Beijing Football Association (BFA) and fully complies with the Chinese Constitution, Chinese Law and BFA rules.


AIM: The IFFC aims to promote friendship, culture and football among people from all nations and encourages sport as a part of a full and rich life.


FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITIES: The IFFC organizes amateur soccer games among foreigners (students, employees, embassy staff, etc.) and Chinese locals (students, workers, etc.) in different kind of competitions throughout a school year (August to June).



  1. PREMIER DIVISION: 10-12 teams participate; one “Premiere Division Champion”; last 2 teams relegate to the FIRST DIVISION unless stated different in the IFFC rules. Each team plays each other twice. Games are from September until the following year June with an approx. three month winter break. Referees are provided by the BFA, Sports University & private.
  2. FIRST DIVISION: 10-12 teams participate; one “First Division Champion”; top 2 teams qualify for the PREMIERE DIVISION while last two teams drop to the lower “Second Division” unless stated different in the IFFC rules. Each team plays each other twice. Games are from September until the next year June with a three month winter break. Referees are provided by the BFA, Sports University & private.
  3. IFFC THOMAS MARECHAL CUP: up to 32 teams participate in a knock out competition. There are five rounds: “First Round”, “Second Round”, “Last 16”, “Quarterfinal”, Semifinal” & the “Final” with one “IFFC Cup Winner”. Referees are provided by the BFA, Sports University & private.
  4.  IFFC ROBERT GONNELLA 7 ASIDE TOURNAMENT: up to 24 teams participate in a 1 day friendly tournament before the Awards Ceremony in June.


Currently there is no women soccer organized by the IFFC.


Currently there is no Youth soccer organized by the IFFC.


The game schedule is made before the start season after all teams have registered and is published at the official IFFC-Website.


CFA/BFA rules generally apply. The IFFC-Rules are published at the official IFFC-Website.


The IFFC is not responsible for any injuries that may occur before, during or after any IFFC game or activity associated with the club. Each individual player is responsible for his/her own insurance.


All players must be amateurs. No semi-professional or professional players are allowed. Each individual must register through a “IFFC Registration Form” and hand in two passport size pictures for a “player ID”.


ORGANISATION: The club has a Executive (ExCo), Supervisory (Supervisory Committee) and a Disciplinary Committee.

I. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (ExCo): (3 members)

IFFC Chairman: Gregory Desbuquois
IFFC Vice-Chairman: Nasir Ahmed
IFFC Webmaster: Kagashani

The ExCo works & meets together on a daily basis.

The ExCo are the organizers of the IFFC and is responsible for the following issues:

  1. Sole-Legal responsible for all IFFC issues with the Chinese law.
  2. Organization & Registration of the IFFC under the BFA
  3. Inviting teams & members for the season
  4. Organizing, preparing, setting up fixtures & publishing of all events (meetings, matches, statistics, ceremonies, etc.)
  5. Renting all venues (pitches, meeting locations, ceremony/party)
  6. Organize and manage the referees
  7. Organize and hold a “IFFC Awards Ceremony” at the end of each season. Prices are trophies for the following: Champions, Vice-Champions, Third Rank, Fair Play Cup, Best Player, Best Goalkeeper & Top Scorer for each Division. There will separate trophies for the IFFC Thomas Marechal Cup Winner and the IFFC Robert Gonnella 7 aside Tournament Winner.
  8. Financing the season, managing & bookkeeping all fees from the members
  9. Only the ExCo has the sole right to change the statutes

II. IFFC SUPERVISORY BOARD (Supervisory Committee): (5 members, all voting rights)

IFFC Supervisory General Secretary: Gary Sanders
IFFC Supervisory Vice General Secretary: Keith Bradbury
Board Members: Philippe Healey

In case of tie vote the Supervisory Committee General Secretary’s vote counts.

The ExCo appointed the first Supervisory Committee from the most motivated IFFC members. Board member changes need the approval of the ExCo and the Supervisory Committee General Secretary.

The Supervisory Committee works & meets together minimum twice a year.

The Supervisory Committee monitor the ExCo and is responsible to approve the following issues:

  1. All rules & regulations
  2. All participating teams and all its players
  3. The complete schedule with all the fixtures
  4. All venues such as pitches, meeting places, award ceremony/party location, etc.
  5. The creation of the Disciplinary Committee must be approved by the Supervisory Committee and ExCo.
  6. The Supervisory Committee may dissolve the Disciplinary Committee with the approval of the ExCo.


III. IFFC DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEELINARY COMMITTEE (Disciplinary Committee): (4-5 members/ 3 voting rights)

Every Season there will be three IFFC members elected from the participating IFFC team leaders who will decide crucial questions of Disciplinary Committee matters such as fighting, break up of a match, etc. The fourth Disciplinary Committee member will be an ExCo member as a consultant without voting rights for the final decision. The Supervisory Committee General Secretary may sit in the meeting as well also without voting right. If one Disciplinary Committee member is not available for a decisive meetings, the Supervisory Committee General Secretary or the Supervisory Committee Vice General Secretary may replace one member with the right to vote. If two or all elected Disciplinary Committee members are not available the ExCo Chairman & the Supervisory Committee General Secretary will appoint a new board until the team leaders will elect a new Disciplinary Committee.  The Disciplinary Committee members must be available at short time notice in order to make prompt decisions on urgent matters. The Disciplinary Committee can be dissolved by the ExCo & Supervisory Committee boards together.

2014/2015 Disciplinary Committee Members are:

Jason Dorey (Summer Palace and Forbidden City)
Gary Sanders (Sexy FC and Vintage)
Iain Shawn (Beijing Celtics)



The IFFC is a non profit organization. The club will finance itself through member-fees and through donations to help to organize and promote the events such as financing the pitches and hiring the referees. The participating costs for the season are stated in the IFFC Rules.