Thomas Marechal Cup 2018-2019


1 Forbidden City FC

2 Beijing Celtic

3 Sexy FC

4 Afrika Utd.

5 Beijing Barbarians A

6 French L'Equipe


8 Origin FC

9 Russia Utd.

10 Añejo FC

11 Beijing Huojian (ex Beijing Rockets)

1 Beijing Rockets

2 Añejo Gran Reserva

3 Summer Palace

4 Red Cards

5 Beijing Vikings

6 Sports Beijing

7 ClubFootball

8 Too Sexy

9 Celtic Beijing

10 Chaoyang Park Rangers

11 China Post (ex UCFC)

The Thomas Maréchal Cup format changes every year since the number of teams participating is different every year. For the coming season 2018/2019, the format of the Thomas Marechal Cup is as below:

Round 1

The round 1 of the cup is for First Division teams only who decided to register their team in the Cup. The registered teams in 2018/2019 are:

  1. Beijing Vikings
  2. Celtic Beijing
  3. China Post
  4. ClubFootball
  5. Red Cards
  6. Summer Palace
  7. Too Sexy

Some teams of First Division preferred not to register their team in the Cup and the list is as below:

  1. Chaoyang Park Rangers
  2. Sports Beijing
  3. Anejo Gran Reserva
  4. Beijing Rockets (after the draw was done on Friday 17th August 2018) 

Anejo Gran Reserva and Beijing Rockets decided not to register their team in the round 1 of the Cup in order to keep their full squad for their A team playing in Premier League, respectively Anejo FC and Beijing Huojian. 

The draw for round 1 was done on Friday 17th August 2018 and the schedule is:

  1. Too Sexy VS China Post / August 25 @ 1 pm in Lidu
  2. Summer Palace VS Celtic Beijing / August 26 @ 12 pm in Lidu
  3. Beijing Vikings VS ClubFootball / August 26 @ 6 pm in Lidu

The last result when doing the draw was Red Cards VS Beijing Rockets. Red Cards is qualified for round 2 directly as Beijing Rockets decided to withdraw from the Cup competition after the draw was done.

Round 2

The round 2 is for the winners of round 1 + Red Cards + all teams of Premier League except Forbidden City (winner of Championship and Thomas Maréchal Cup last season).

The objective is to end up with 8 teams for the 1/4 finals. 

The draw for round 2 will be done on Friday 31st August 2018 at Joe's Bar (worker stadium) after the annual Team Leaders' meeting. All team leaders will meet between 7 and 9. All IFFC members are invited to join the draw and socialize from 9 pm.

Round 2 games will be played on November 3&4 2018.

Round 3 = quarter-finals

The draw for round 3 will be done on November 9 at 8 pm (venue TBC).

Round 3 games will be played in the second half of the season 2018/2019.

Round 4 = semi-finals

Round 4 games will be played in the second half of the season 2018/2019.

Round 5 = final

The final of the Thomas Maréchal Cup will be played after the Robert Gonnella 7 aside tournament mid of June 2019. The final will be followed by the Awards Ceremony.